Message from the President

Hello everyone! My name is Demi, I am the President of the KCL Fashion society. I wanted to just introduce myself properly- because I don't feel that I got that opportunity to last night at the 'Meet and Greet' due to the noise and everyone's tipsy state!

This year has already seen an exciting start for the Fashion society. The Fresher's fair was a major success for us with over 400 people signing up to our mailing list and showing interest in being part of the society. Similarly, the 'Meet and Greet' was a great turn out with around 50 of you turning up at the Adventure bar! This is a major achievement considering the society was only set up last year!

This year, as President, I am determined to push the society to be the best it can be. We are going to hold exhibition trips, day trips (such as the upcoming trip to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham), movie nights, socials and career related talks from people who work within the industry. We are planning on launching a new segment dedicated to 'style on campus' and will hopefully hold our first fashion show next year. I am confident that we will not only enrich your excitement for fashion but also help you learn how to launch a career in such a notoriously difficult industry to break into!
I just have a few introductory things to say:

This blog is for everyone to use. It is a platform, designed exclusively for Fashion society members, by your committee. We want you all to write articles, post photos and involve yourself with the growth of our webpage. Articles can be written on anything to do with fashion, all you have to do is write it, send it to and we will post it for you! It's a great opportunity for you to gain some blogging experience and share your thoughts without having to set up your own blog! Of course all articles will be credited with your name and we will even introduce competitions where those of you who gain the most page views will win prizes!

At the moment we have sent our first newsletter with all details of upcoming events to a mailing list of over 400 people. For obvious reasons, we cannot keep sending the newsletter to this amount of people. So to stay updated with regular society information on events, trips and talks then you will have to join as an official member through the King's College London Student Union. We charge a £5.00 membership fee and you can sign up online at or alternatively at your nearest student centre. These are located on the Denmark Hill, Guy's, Strand and Waterloo campuses.

Your committee members this year are as follows and don't worry they don't bite!
Vice President - Tertia Wilson
Treasurer - Andreea-Ileana Staicu
Social Secretary - Jessica Arapu
Publicity Officer - Tess Saffar
Photographer - Federica Potenza

Finally, I just want to emphasise that this society is for everyone- so please don't be scared to join! It's not going to be intense, we aren't going to hold meetings every week and you will not get penalised if you don't turn up. I want it to be relaxed where people who have a similar interest in fashion can socialise together and just have some fun. It is my aim to make you all feel satisfied from your membership so please if you have any suggestions, queries or worries then please e-mail me directly at :)

P. S. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Demi x