6 Fashion Must-Haves This Season

by Tyler Derek Conroy

With the golden-brown hue taking-over London parks and gardens, it is a sure sign that the Fall/Winter season is now upon us. Wildlife are adjusting to the changing weather, and clocks are being adjusted to account for the shortening days. This seasonal transition is not limited to just nature and the administration of human life, but also to humans. The change in seasons is also a sign to revamp our closets in preparation for the coming months.

The splendor of garments that were sent down the runway during the Fall/Winter 2017 shows cannot be doubted. Designers around the world took this opportunity to highlight and accentuate their individuality, style, and aesthetic. From the metallic-chrome scheme of Ximon Lee to the athleisure look of Yeezy, it is clear that the emphasis is put on modernizing classic pieces.

Of course, from the blur of color, fabric, and intricate hairstyles of the designer shows manifested many trends that were featured by a wide range of designers. Here are 6 trends I think you should be watching out for. Incorporating these pieces into your closet this season can only place you ahead of the curve.

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