Style on Campus #2

KCL people prove to be effortlessly fashionable and it's always a pleasure for us to scout the best style on campus. This is the 2nd in our Style on Campus series and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did. 

By the way guys, the Tab branded us as the Dolce & Gabbana of unis across the UK. Pretty decent, don't you think? Check it out here

King’s – Dolce & Gabbana

Largely from abroad, dripping with money and smelling like the fine leather-bound books in Dumbledore’s office, the prestigious alumni of KCL are cut from a finer cloth. The King’s brand is just as important as the degree that comes with it. After all, your grandfather will eventually stop judging your Sociology degree if Prince William keeps turning up at the Maughan.
Just like Dolce & Gabbana, KCL’s in-house style is exotic, composed and enviable – even when you’re being carried out of Walkabout on a Thursday morning.

Now, back to our fashion stars of the week:  

Name: Callie Phillipson
Course: 1st year Philosophy
Wearing: Eastpak backpack, Honour Over Glory Hat, Second Hand boots
Gimme some 'meaning': 'I only really ever wear black with maybe a splash of colour (hence the backpack and the hat)' - perfect start to cold London weather outfits we'd say

Name: Maria Choinska
Course: 2nd year Law
Wearing: Carolina Herrera bag, Burch boots, OPI nail polish
Gimme some 'meaning': 'I like mixing casual style with something smart.' - Here we have a real deal lawyer in the making/model showing us how it's done. For real.

Name: Henry Stockdale
Course: 3rd year Philosophy
Wearing: He just couldn't remember where anything was from. Too much Philosophy, we guess.
Gimme some 'meaning': 'Wearing what I'm wearing for comfort'

Name: Sarah
Course: 1st year English
Wearing: Zara jumper, Zara bag, Ark Clothing boots, very cool nail polish (the shade is one of this fall's INs)
Gimme some 'meaning': 'I usually wear mostly black so I thought I'd inject some colour into my wardrobe.'

Name: Craig Keltie
Course: 3rd year English
Wearing: Adidas jacket, Nike trainers, Drappier cap, earring he found in a swimming pool
Gimme some 'meaning': 'Fashion is transient'. Totally.

Name: Annie Birchall
Course: 1st year French
Wearing: TUK shoes, Boohoo dress
Gimme some 'meaning': 'I like to stand out... in black clothes'.

After this post we guess you can tell that black is the thing. Always has, always will be.

Text: Jessica Arapu
Photos: Federica Potenza


KCL Fashion Soc xx

PS: Look out for us every other Monday from 14.00 to 15.00 at the Strand campus if you want to be featured! 

Louis Vuitton Series III

The Louis Vuitton exhibition is running from September 21st to October 18th, 2015 and is located on the Strand.

The exhibition takes you on a 13-room journey through the mind of Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, and gives the audience an insight into the workings and ideas for the collection.
As you enter the exhibition it begins with the original concept for LV, the logo in a 3D format. This gives an vision as to what is to come, the mix of traditional pieces with a modern twist presented to the audience in a technological format. A journey through the whole creative process; starting at the inception of the original idea, the blank canvas of the LV logo, and finishing with the completed ready-to-wear collection placed in a walk-in wardrobe set design.

- This is the start of the journey. The LV logo projected on a multitude of columns

With the aid of both sound and visual effects we are submerged into Nicolas Ghesquière’s thoughts, the second room presents the audience with a nest-like structure used to symbolise Ghesquière’s permeable mind. The electronic music adding to the aesthetics of the room. We then follow through a futuristic tunnel that symbolises the notion of Gheasquière’s choosing a particular direction as he his hones in on a specific idea for the collection.

- This is the nest structure representing Gheasquière’s mind.

The exhibition allows the audience an insight into every step of the process, taking on the mind-set of the designer, the ‘tailors’, ‘front-rowers’ and finally the customers as each room rewards you with a different experience. Not only are the visuals amazing but the sound effects too, from the carefully selected catwalk music to the sound of the sewing machine on the delicately crafted bags. An extra special touch is the opportunity to see how the bag is made in the flesh and the chance to ask the craftsman questions about the process. The adorable bag is displayed proudly on the table as the craftsman attends to the next one. Each detail is carefully added by the specially trained craftsman.

- Here is the process of the bag being made

At the end the audience is also treated to a history lesson, a range of items from the original collection, modern pieces and futuristic items, an example of the tag line “Past, Present and Future”. This theme is carried out throughout the exhibition and is extremely prevalent in this room, the modern bright white backdrop surrounding a range of iconic bags. Items include traditional trunks and vanity cases as well as newer styles. They encompass the traditional principles of Louis Vuitton such as the epee leather material and logo but with an added modern twist of new colours and shapes.

 - This pink clutch is featured in the white room and is an example of the collaboration of traditional and modern design.

My favourite room being the catwalk room, where guests are invited to sit on the steps as if they were on the front-row themselves, or the opportunity to walk within the screen of models as if they were catwalk queens. This is a chance to see Nicolas Ghesquière’s creations come to life on the models, and the different themes of the collection become apparent. The mix of the classic designs with Ghesquière’s modern take on the brand is captivating. The music pumps loudly, further submerging you into the mind of the brand.

The final room is the walk-in wardrobe, a place for the brand to display their desired items featured throughout the exhibition. Some items are hanging away in the glass cabinet, whilst others are available for the public to examine. We have the chance to touch and feel the fur coat, glittering tops and epee leather bags, all in the comfort of the fluffy carpet and mirrored walls, as if it was our very own wardrobe.

- This is a shot of the wardrobe where it is possible to both see and feel the items

At the end the audience are treated to alphabet and iconic items stickers, leaving you to lust after the products, as well as this a poster is given to you, a little something to take home and remember the exhibition by. Plus the encouragement to update your social media of the event, using the hashtag lvseries3, a clever advertising strategy. The whole exhibition takes around 30 minutes to get through, so if you are walking past, go in, and take a look, and you will leave with the knowledge of the creation process of an iconic brand.


By Tertia Wilson (Vice-President)

Photos by Federica Potenza (Photographer/Creative Executive)

Introducing: Style on Campus

After hitting off the new academic year with cocktails and drinks, parties and DVD nights, talks and exhibitions and a record 500 followers it's now time to introduce you to our next project: Welcome to 'Style on Campus' - our brand new regular style on campus blog revealing your favourite pieces, the best bargains, tips and styling tricks at KCL.

Name: Alina Naza
Course: 1st year Comparative Literature and Film
Wearing: Marc Jacobs backpack she got in Hong Kong 'cause she's obsessed with this electric blue colour (we all are, right?), Urban Outfitters sweatshirt,  Paige jeans, Prada boots, Scarf she stole from her mum
Give me some 'meaning': This blue backpack matches my mood on rainy London days (deep, we know), (to be read with sarcasm)

Name: Olga Maher
Course: 4th year Hispanic Studies with Film
Wearing: H&M (most likely, she can't remember exactly) Necklace, Snapback
Give me some 'meaning': 'I like to throw in some bling stuff. I always wear at least one of these items: Timbs, snapback, chains.' Loving the hip-hop inspiration!


Name: Henry Chisholm
Course: Year 2 Politics, Philosophy and Law
Wearing: Vintage trench coat, Whistles jumpsuit, Dr Martens loafers, Wholesale beret, Wholesale roll neck jumper
Give me some 'meaning': 'Life is pointless so you may as well dress like a twat'

Name: Jieying Yang
Course: Year 2 Economics and Management
Wearing: Stella McCartney bag, Prada shoes
Give me some 'meaning': 'I really like the elegant yet casual vibe of this look'

Name: Taymour Ismail (aka Kings' very own A$AP Rocky)
Course: Year 1 French and Management
Wearing: Zara jacket, Nike shoes
Give me some 'meaning': 'I bought the Nike shoes in red so that I can wear all-black'.

Name: Jaime Fernandez-Pontes
Course: Year 1 French and Management
Wearing: Penfield jacket, Ralph Lauren jumper, Massimo Dutti boots
Give me some 'meaning': When asked why he is wearing this, Jaime candidly answered 'I woke up like this'. We feel you Jaime.

Guess which one is which.

Jess, Social Secretary & Federica, Creative Executive and Photographer xxx

PS: If you want to be featured, keep an eye out for us every other Monday 13.00-14.00 at Strand Campus!

Central Saint Martins and I

It was the unexpected call of my friend studying at Central Saint Martins that interrupted my casual Friday night in - a campus you all have most certainly heard of, in one way or another - be it because Kanye West was rejected from their prestigious MA Fashion course, or because Galliano, Jacobs and McQueen are just a few from their renowned Alumni list.
Half angry but mostly panicking, she tried to explain how she and seven other CSM students were supposed to collaborate as part of their yearly course work in order to create a collection from scratch. There would not have been any problems meeting the deadline, had their photographer not dropped out last minute. Despite sensing where the conversation was leading to, it certainly scared me out my wits when she finally asked whether I could act as replacement. I certainly didn`t feel ready for a professional photoshoot at Central, where eight girls, three different design sets, one model and their final grades were depending on my photographic skills. Nonetheless, I agreed on meeting the group the next morning. "You`ll be fine", she said. "It won`t take long anyway - Just do something! Preferably good."
Of course, I didn`t feel any pressure.

So, I`m Federica, your photographer and creative executive for this year and am more than happy to share the outcome of the project with you.

The Impro

As soon as I`d arrived the next day, two things became pretty clear: Firstly, half of the girls (including the model) were running late, while the other half was trying to finish their pieces by cutting threads, sewing ends or changing buttons.
Secondly, the location they`d chosen for the shoot was already occupied due to their annual runway show. It was raining buckets and the temperature felt like -30 degrees. After 40 minutes however, I finally got introduced to the whole crew and instantly took to all of them: Lavinia (studying Fashion Textiles Embroidery), Jen (Pattern Cutting), Darcy ( Fashion Textiles Print), Amira (Fashion Textiles Knit), Zoe (Fashion Textiles Print), Panicha (Pattern Cutter), Jingyi ( Pattern Cutter) and Carmen (Model & Fashion Textiles Embroidery) seemed all so incredibly talented, judging from the handmade clothes. Since there was no point in trying to get into the building because of the upcoming Fashion Show, we simply decided to improvise in front of it:

The Print 

The Knit 

The Patches


After seven hours, we`d finally made it. Although my friend casually informed me, that I`d have two days to edit all of the 300 pictures, I was more than grateful for the day. The opportunity of getting to know another course, another campus, and having the privilege to glimpse into the world of one of the most renowned universities for art made me feel so motivated. In fact we are all students and yet so different. Having seen the girls creating something we are all involved with in our daily life, immersing into the world of designs and sketches, patterns and textiles, threads, needles and a tiny bit of glitter enhanced my desire for more. I knew what I wanted: More art, more culture, more variety, more paying attention to details and getting involved, more experimenting, failing, more learning, more creativity and more of this world but most of all: more living. 

*All accessoires were purchased at Topshop, Oxford Street
** All pictures shot on Canon eos 550d

Much love 

Federica Potenza, 
Photographer and Creative Executive of KCL Fashion Society