Introducing your new bloggers...

Thank you to everyone who contacted in regards to our ad for new bloggers to contribute to our blog! Now we introduce you to our chosen, brand new, 4 bloggers who will be posting regular features to the KCL Fashion Blog. Definitely stay updated for the latest on fashion, beauty and lifestyle!


My name is Faye, and I’m a first year undergraduate English student. I’ve always had a great interest in the fashion industry; there’s nothing I love more than discovering new trends which dictate a particular season, year, and culture to the world. Fashion is something which enables one to express themselves, and each day I love choosing my outfit to imprint my personality across London. I’m so happy to be a part of King’s College London and its fashion society. With experience of blogging on my own site (, I am extremely excited to begin uploading my own posts to the KCL Fashion Soc blog. I hope you all enjoy my posts as much as I do writing them!
Faye .x


Hello everyone, my name is Beatrice and I'm currently studying English Language and Literature at King's College. In my free time, I like to read and write; especially if it's somewhere by the sea. I have always been deeply fascinated by the rigour and decor of the 19th century, and by the elegance and beauty of the city of Paris. I hope you'll enjoy reading my posts!


Hi, I’m Nandini, I’m currently studying Business Management and hope to pursue something creative within Marketing after university.
I love staying updated on media news whether it's celebrity culture, fashion, trends, music, beauty or lifestyle.
I think London is very influential itself as it's a great city full of diversity, culture and a mix of different lifestyles and fashion - there's something for here everyone. I love travelling and visiting new places whether it be different countries, or just new locations in London (I’m bit of a tourist).
Hope you enjoy reading my posts! Xo


Hey there, I’m Kiera and I study English with Film at Kings. My delving into fashion is a fairly recent one that flourished when I moved to London- it’s hard not to gain an appreciation for art in a city as filled with culture as the capital. My love for fashion, stems from my love for art, particularly artists like Warhol and Basquiat, and how they have influenced the world of fashion. I spend way too much money on fashion magazines and my ultimate goal is to be fashion director at a print publication like Vogue, Love or i-D. I’m also a big believer that independent fashion mags should get all the love that they deserve so most of my inspiration comes from the likes of Dazed and Garage. I love Versace and Gucci, more than most things so expect them to be featured a lot in my writing. Hope you enjoy what I have to say!

Style Icon: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Kiera Finn-Oluonye

It’s a Wednesday. Around 1:15pm. I’m standing in the Gagosian Gallery, admiring the works of Avedon and Warhol and attempting to dispel the myth that my generation has lost all sense of culture.
That’s when I happen upon it. There just before the doorway, hangs the 1982 Warhol portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat. I’m in awe. Excitedly I hold my phone up ready to get a snap of the work of art, only to be politely told that “this painting cannot be photographed.” Disheartened, I put my phone away and turn to my friend.
“He looks like The Weeknd.” She says nonchalantly, probably in reference to his hairstyle (that I aptly refer to as ‘The Basquiat’).
“He’s my favourite artist” is all I can muster in response.
 Jean-Michel Basquiat. The name is synonymous with the 1980 contemporary art scene of New York. Like his counterparts (namely, the aforementioned Warhol) Basquiat’s works are just as, if not more, celebrated today as they were when he was alive. But the artist, infamous for his politically charged paintings, had another influence on ‘the scene’: his style.

If you were, today, to place Basquiat on the streets of Shoreditch or Williamsburg, you can guarantee the hipsters will look up from their overpriced bowl of quinoa and tofu and take notice.
Basquiat managed, what many before (and after), him have failed. He was able to find the perfect balance of street and classic.  Armani was his poison. He reportedly even painted in his $800 Armani suits before sporting them, paint-splattered, out on the streets of New York. His aesthetic was that of ‘thrift-shop trust-fund kid’- pairing a tailored suit jacket, with an old and worn Adidas t-shirt. He was obscenely, almost painfully, cool.
Basquiat had a rare gift of making even the most ragged clothing, look expensive. He had an air of aristocracy about him. It’s undoubtedly what made him so likeable, so cool. A Basquiat outfit looks as though it has been thrown together with so little thought, yet so much at the same time. It was effortless. It was original.
Patterned shirts, matched with tweed suits and floral ties. Oversized cardigans worn alongside baggy jeans. Basquiat’s style, just like his art, went against the norm. There’s an ease to Basquiat’s work, and that’s also seen in his style. It’s like he just knew what to do, what works and, even if it didn’t, how to pull it off so that it would work.
Basquiat’s style was his second art form, a subtle protest to tradition in itself. Basquiat mixed old with new, and did it with so much ease that it seemed innovatively normal. His style was the most aesthetically-pleasing oxymoron.
There was no one cooler than Jean-Michel Basquiat. And there probably never will be.

Best places for Afternoon Tea in London

Afternoon Tea is a notorious part of British culture as well as the London lifestyle, and thankfully there's more than enough places to afternoon tea in the city. Whether you're after a simple cake and English breakfast tea, or the entire sha-bang (endless tiers of sandwiches and cake) we have your official Afternoon Tea guide right here.

Hummingbird Bakery

Starting off is Made in Chelsea’s ultimate landmark, the Hummingbird Bakery. The cute little café aims to provide authentic American style cakes, but in a true Made in Chelsea Fashion.
With various locations to choose from along with a large selection of mouth watering desserts (the red velvet is highly recommended), this is definitely a you definitely wouldn’t
want to miss.

Locations: Richmond, Soho, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Spitalfields, Islington

Caffe Concerto

From White City to Whitehall, King’s Road to Kensington, Caffe Concerto is a hard one to miss.
Offering afternoon teas (without/without Proseco) as well as Cream teas (Proseco optional) to a simple cake and cup of tea, Caffe Concerto is a dining experience you wouldn’t want to miss.
Locations: Shaftesbury Avenue, Regent Street, Piccadilly, Haymarket, Green Park, Northumberland Avenue, Whitehall, Knightsbridge, King’s Road, Kensington, Westfield (White City)

The National Portrait Gallery, Charing Cross
If you're looking for an extravagant afternoon tea then look no further than The National Portrait Gallery. Featuring views stretching from The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye right through to The City and an incredible three tier afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones (with clotted cream & jam) and finger cakes, with unlimited tea and coffee to go around, this is an afternoon tea experience not to be missed.
Location: The National Portrait Gallery, Martins Place, WC2H 0HE


From it’s pretty pink décor to it’s iconic pod shaped cubicles, Sketch is definitely an ideal setting in London for afternoon tea.
With a diverse range of menus including champagne afternoon tea, children’s afternoon tea, seasonal afternoon tea and vegan afternoon tea (and that’s only a small selection of what Sketch has to offer), there’s something here to suit everyone.

Bringing Parisian flair to Central London, Ladurée is most known for it’s classic premium macaroons.
From the luxury flavours of the macaroons to a selection of French style pastries to choose from, Ladurée provides a magnificent dining experience.
Locations: Selfridges, Harrods, The Burlington Arcade, Covent Garden

Patisserie Valerie
Patisserie Valerie’s selection of handmade cakes are almost too good to be true.
From gateau’s to tarts, eclairs to frangipans, mousses to cheesecakes, it has it all.
Opt for an individual treat or book an afternoon tea, Patisserie Valerie has a lot to offer, including gluten free.
Locations: Piccadilly, Charing Cross, St. Pancreas, London Victoria, Spitalfields, Marylebone High Street, Queensway, Euston Station, Brompton Road, Old Compton Street.

Amidst the many cute coffee shops that are scattered around London, L’eto Caffe is definitely a standout.
Offering a vast selection tarts, meringues and cakes, with new flavours constantly being created, the family friendly branch is an afternoon tea must.
Locations: Fulham Road, Wardour Street, Halkin Street, King’s Road, Kensington Church Street, Shepherd Market.

Fortnum and Mason
Last, but not least, comes Fortnum and Mason. The traditional department store is a treasure chest for coffees, teas and hampers.
Its afternoon tea provides a fabulously British selection of scones, sandwiches, cakes and Fortnum and Mason’s finest tea products and experiencing its flagship store in Piccadilly is not to be missed.
Location: Piccadilly

By Nandini Shukla

Style on Campus #4

Hello everybody and welcome to our last Style on Campus feature of the year. It's been a fun year of spotting fashion icons on King's grounds and asking them to pose naturally for the camera. Some accepted happily, whilst with others it took the extra mile of persuasion. Others blatantly refused, depriving us (and you, dear readers) of that added dose of campus fashion inspiration. Oh, well, their loss - we can all agree on that. Luckily, our latest fashion hunt has proved to be the most successful one so far. Who knew there's so many stylish looking people roaming round Strand on a Friday afternoon? (Probs on their way to more exciting landscapes). Anyway, time to see for yourself. 

Power, peace and strength come from within...(and your haircolour. (yes, we love it))

Name: Henrietta Shastri
Course: 3rd year Geography
Wearing: Ebay fur coat, Asos shoes, Abercrombie & Fitch bag, Camden market ring
Gimme some meaning: 'Friday in fur obviously'. Obviously. 

Nous ne regrettons rien, amigos

Name: Max Danet
Course: 1st year European Studies
Wearing: Moncler jacket, Sandro blue jeans, black Nike Air Force
Gimme some meaning: 'Always be elegant with a touch of underground'
Max here has his own brand. Be sure to check it out! 
Instagram: la_masakarade Facebook: Max Danet 

Name: Clara Piacenza
Course: 1st year European Studies
Wearing: Fur coat from a thrift shop, Superstars and gold socks from Topshop
Gimme some meaning: 'Always have a touch of originality'

There's clearly enough fashion touch for us. It's all about the touch. 

Das hani jetz gad vol ned mitbecho (Swiss-German - Google Translate may help)

Name: Vincent
Course: Postgrad International Political Economy (first postgrad on SonC yaaayyy)
Wearing: J Crew coat, Loyle and Scott trousers, sweater was a present, Massimo Dutti shoes. (Classy. Very classy.) 
Gimme some meaning: 'If I don't look old enough to be a postgrad, at least I try to look like one'. 

Name: Joanna Zhao
Course: 1st year International Relations
Wearing: Monki shirt and socks, Muji trousers, Zara coat and shoes, Topshop necklace with her initials, Topshop hairband.
Gimme some meaning: 'Fashion is for self-fulfilling!' Her socks and shoes are life. Enough said. 

Here we have Harry, a lovely lad from Leeds. With major dress sense. Jap fashion btw. Check out his Insta here: Harry_Wilby (trust us, it's good)

Name: Harry Wilby
Course: 2nd year European Politics 
Wearing: Engineered Garments jacket and shirt, Orslow jeans, Folk socks, Paraboots
Gimme some meaning: 'Life is short. Wear dope jawnz that make you look like a cool ass dad whose kids don't hate him.' Wow Harry. This tops all 'gimme some meanings' so far. Just wow. 

We hope you enjoyed Style on Campus (we certainly did) and be sure to look out for more posts next year! 

Jess & Federica